Wednesday, July 21, 2010






Prior to our move Mike and I had seen a Campos Tacos being painted the most dazzling hue of pink. We thought they were undergoing a glamorous makeover, but turns out it was a Pinches Tacos moving into the 'hood.

We were able to eat there only once, but let it be known, they serve nopales!

But enough about Pinches Tacos, will you check out these boots por favor? Thrifted for $3.99, chunkalicious, and radiating that ugly 90's energy. So much fun clunking around in them.

Winos throwing frisbees at the sun

"Oh yeah, scraping off the attitude, old man eating all my food
Don't be kind, don't be rude, just shake your boots and let it all get loose
Oh yeah, my goodness "





Blurry Flowers


Love my sister.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too tired for titles

jean jacket




Old shots taken in LA. Wearing a thrifted crochet halter crop top, my Jordache pedal pushers, H&M jean jacket that's become a staple and my Alice and Olivia for Payless pink wedges that allow me to channel my inner Peggy Bundy.

Excuse the red eyes that make me appear to be a cross between a murderer and the chupacabra caught on tape for the first time. I could be in a group photo of over one hundred people and still be the only one whose eyes turn out red.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Electric Blue

Balenciaga Fall2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

New New Yorkers

I moved to New York!

And haven't posted since May because of it.

Still settling in and haven't taken many pictures. This was dinner at an Indian restaurant. Too delicious and open till 1am, which makes it dangerously available. Followed by rebel yells till 4am at a dive bar. Finally, hours that are giving me something to work with.

Short post. More to come soon. Gotta go work on that resume. Tomorrow I'm off to the Brooklyn Public Library to attend a program for library workers - job search strategies and resume reviews. Yes, please and thank you.

(One more thing: the new Kylie...mmmmmm.)

Whisky Rebel

'em apples


Jay Street

Rebel Disco