Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get my caboodle, two scrunchies, and a banana clip

(I wrote this on Thursday and never posted....)

My day has consisted of waking up late with a headache, going on an adventure to get my hands on some tamales, a trip to get some ice blended coffee and finally a return to my apartment where I proceeded to close the blinds as to not be reminded that it's daylight outside and most people are experiencing this daylight because they have lives, and then cuddling up in a blanket on the couch as I eat, browse the net and listen to the news in the background.

Damn, I was feeling unaccomplished but on second thought....I pretty much had a perfect day (minus the headache).

Ooooh, and I finally signed up for Hulu so I can watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as recommended by my fellow supertramp and catch up on Kath and Kim (selma cracks me up).

Anyhow, tomorrow's Halloween so I have got to get a costume together....what to do, what to do?

It's six in tha mornin

I know this Larry David article is from last week, but trust me, it's still relevant. My anxiety is growing with each passing day and for the sake of my sanity and school work...this election needs to just be here already.

I've completely decided to blame every shitty school assignment I have done this semester on this election. I have no guilt about this.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally digging my library learnin shenanigans, but if you're going to ask me to choose between thinking about metadata and MARC records vs. our actual chance at having an intelligent leader and the fate of Prop 8....I'm gonna have to side with the later.

Anyhow, it's 6am so I need to get to bed, starting to hear imaginary noises.

But before I's something else that stresses me out. Where's Al these days?

I don't even know this song, but I have to post it because there are fly girls and his outfit is so New Jack Swingy.

And then I have to post this one cuz it's such a classic.

And how did I not know that he wrote a love song to me?!?!?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Get On Up

So we're all really excited by mtv's new site right?

Prior to this, I don't know how I was living without having 24/7 access to high quality carmen electra:

This video is soooo 90's. I was able to find a crappy copy on VH1, but it's near impossible to find on YouTube (I always assumed it was because this is from her Prince shagging days, which meant he wrote the song and isn't about to allow someone to post it on YouTube, but I just checked and he didn't write this, but he did help write Fantasia Erotica, ooooh yeah).

"Cuz I'm gettin funky, as you know, as you know, I'm a body junky"

Damn, I really need that leather outfit.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Fever

One time my boyfriend was picking me up from work in September. When I opened the car door Christmas music came blasting out. He proclaimed, "I've got Christmas Fever and I can't shake it!"

And now I know exactly how my boo (no pun intended) feels. Halloween Fever is pulsing through my bones and there's no shaking it. (Though this analogy would be more appropriate if my fever had struck in say...July, but I digress.)

Have I got a costume? HELL NO! Have I got plans? NO WAY! But I've got gd spirit and a bad case of the heebie jeebies, so I'm good.

Check out this amazing Halloween recipe that was featured on TasteSpotting.

It looks so excessive and indulgent and salty and chewy yet surprisingly crunchy. And the colors are just phenom. If I went to a party with these I would definitely be throwing some in my pocket for the ride home.

Another symptom of my Halloween fever is my obsession with Well, I'm mostly obsessed with this site because it's vulgar, rude, and I'm an internet addict. But to continue with the Halloween theme, they have some really great e-cards. Check out my faves:

1) I'm sending my kids trick-or-treating to every house in a 10-mile radius since I can no longer afford to feed them

2) I hear you're going as the total dickbag who doesn't dress up

3) I've put more thought into my Halloween costume than into my career

4) You've clearly put no thought into your shitty costume

5) I want to give candy to your children

Summertime and the pumpkin livin' is NOT easy

Just a quick note - loving this weather, but the freakin pumpkins we carved on Friday are SUFFERING!

Above is a picture of a scrambled brains production: Sir-Mush-A-Lot.

So Icy, So Cool

So much for writing one post and getting to that paper......

When I went to close my YouTube window with the crazy laughing doll I had the most brilliant idea: Do they have a commercial for Sea Wees? They must! And I must find it!

And what do you know, sure as a seagull gets web toed, I found it (what up Marky Maaaaaark, that was a throwback to you baby).

Me and my sister LOVED these mermaids. Frosty blue luscious locks? Ab-fabulous. And don't even get me started on Sweet Secrets. I had this comb. Don't be jealous. Be very jealous.

And I'm pretty sure my momma should be locked up for letting me whore it out with these unknown chemicals when I was still in the single digits.

Sigh....I wish I could be in a bubble bath playing with my icygal right now.

There's always tomorrow.....

It's a sunshine day! Everybody's laughin'!

I love that damn Brady Bunch song.

Hello! This is my firstest posting on me new blog. Basic-cally, I'm setting this up so that I may ramble at my discretion.

Currently, this is serving as paper procrastination. I should be writing about interfaces and whatchamacallits and comparing google reader and amazon and searching and finding and a whole lotta other shiz.


When I was out surfin' the net I came across this video. Fucking phenomenal for Halloween - it compounds with the heebie jeebies that I'm already suffering from after watching "The Strangers". Gadzooks, that movie terrified me! I'm living in a constant state of panic. I'm confident that around every corner there is a masked person waiting to ask me if Tamra is home and when I say no, they won't go away. Nope, they won't go away. That's when the true terror will begin. They'll start pounding on every surrounding door and what comes next will be beyond horrific imagination. It's stressful to say the least.

OK, I think I have successfully rambled enough for my first post.

I leave you with a question to ponder: Do you think the doll is possessing the girls, or are the girls possessing the doll?