Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Animals

Mahal & I

Nothin' like a quick pose in front of a Corona display.

Zoo Collage

I love this skirt, it reminds me of one of the first dates Mike and I went on. He had never tried pupusas (which seems insane, given the amount we've since consumed) so we found a sweet little restaurant that served the ensalada drink (!) and was quaint as all get out. When the jukebox started playing the spanish-recorded ABBA cd, I knew fate brought us together.

On our way home I had a near panic attack when I spotted a store with a rack out on the sidewalk, chock-full of vintage clothes. Without a second thought, Mike pulled over, "Let's go!"

The day was spontaneous, sunny, and full of tingly "I'm crushin' hard" feelings.

This animal adorned skirt is one of the gems I picked out that day. I cherish it not only for it's kitschiness, but also because of the Michael memories associated with it.


Versace 1


Versace 2

Versace 4


I'm ready-to-wear this stuff. While I'm digging the trendy new look for Autumn (read: black), I'm also pri-tty darn close to be being burned out on it. It's everywhere! You simply can't escape the black/studs/fringe/Balmain shoulders/creepers/combats/leather/lace/shredded jeans. Bahumbug.

Don't get me wrong, I fully support the grunge comeback and I'm rockin' it too, but it hasn't even gotten cold enough to really play up these layers, and they've massively permeated every blog/store/magazine for months. OK, I'll stop complaining - it's just that while I appreciate the always chic black look, it's easy to do so it seems like everyone is doing it. Aaaaaaaand I'm done.

My point is, the color in this collection was a welcoming sight.

Love the shoes - especially the ankle boot. The tan color gives the false appearance of a slingback, and then they hit you with the unexpected pink accents and that retro platform, mmmmm I could eat them.

And that dress? Nearly melted my eyes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love Was Changing the Minds of Pretenders

Damn. August was my food blogging month.

So let's see........I'm done with school, hence the lack of non-food blog posts. I'm a much better blogger when I have school to procrastinate. But for serious, I made some bomb little salads, right?!?

I'm looking for a job. Know of any?

These pics are from the Kamay at Puso Michael Jackson Tribute Event. I didn't even think about dressing up MJ style, which blows my mind because I live for theme-dressing-up. But Floyd came to the rescue and taped up my fingers. I could feel the moonwalk in me after that.

This is how Floyd cruises: wind blowing through his hair and the backside of his thigh controlling the wheel.

We got donuts afterwards. Bad idea. Hard. 3am donuts. No good.


Taped Fingers

I'd like to give a special shout out to my girl "A" - today is her first day as a supertrampy librarian! Woohoo! I know she's gonna be so great!

I need to do a major post on the tramp's LA visit......there are so many photos to sift through, I'm a little overwhelmed. Such a great time....hearts hearts hearts to the tramps.

Happy September all!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Stop the world!

My internet is down! But in other news, I made this shrimp/mint/cucumber/cumin dish the other day and it was mmmmmmmmhmmm.