Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seís Años


Mike and I celebrated our anniversary by visiting the 1940-1980 portion of MOCA's "First Thirty" exhibit. The exhibit was arranged in chronological order. I'm sure I've destroyed that order in this post.

We'll have to head back to catch the 1980-Now portion.



This scarf is wonderfully long, the fishnet weaving makes for a unique texture and its particular shade of brown makes me feel earthy and natural.

And this painting completely reminds me of this great David LaChapelle photo of Drew.




This is me being utterly lame, but I couldn't resist taking a pic on my iPhone in front of the Warhol.



Below is my favorite, a Roy Lichtenstein. The only date circled on the calendar is Mike's birthday. ♥





Thursday, April 15, 2010





Feeling Mr. Boombastic in this coat. Older dress revived with some black and red glitter tights, black over the knee socks, my faux-fur trimmed "killer boots maaaaaan", tiny H&M freebie bag (earned after a long wait at a grand opening, yes, I'm a sucker indeed), chunky forever rings and and since the dress is low cut, a silver bandeau top.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



My apologies, I'm throwing these up with little fancy photo-editing footwork. Mike made some room on my computer so I was finally able to transfer pictures onto it.

These were taken a few weeks ago, prior to a night of dancing with one of my fave fine ladies.....V! *Most excellent time*

This is "denim taken to a whole new level". Yeah, I definitely got carried away. Home-made denim cut-offs, vintage levi's cropped vest, H&M jean jacket, last minute chopped white tank, blue tights with white polka-dots and blue thigh high flat boots.

Wearing all that blue made me feel far from blue. Though the picture below would suggest otherwise.

blue 2

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Love

So excited to celebrate these sweeties' 1st Bday this weekend. Today's their actual birthday...Happy Birthday Vi and Scar!


I love them.
And their mama.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Silver Purple

Another tribute to DENIM.

So much to say about denim. It goes with anything. It can be mismatched if done right. It's got the cozy factor. And well, it's just darn cute.

I love this H&M top, the sleeves have awesome button detail that doesn't show in the pic. Just trust! Worn with my Yves Saint Laurent purple satin boots found at....brace yourself....Ross. Have I posted this before? Probably. It was a crowning achievment. Worthy of duplicate postings.

*Edit: I quickly posted this before getting out all I wanted to say about denim. Um, basically....thank you H&M for fully stocking this trend!

Donkey Kong

Another viejo.

Gotta give a shot out to my 7th grade jeans. Wide-legged. High waisted. Stone-washed. And the clincher: Loco pocket detail. My sister and I shared these for a while, she finally gave them back to me. We had a similar pair that had a more bell-bottom feel. Their location remains a mystery.

Donkey Kong

The Disaster Formerly Known as My Computer

Since I haven't had time to delete files on the 'ol computer, I'm resorting to posting old photos. You know what they say, desperate times...

I don't even remember what I did this night, Bossa Nova
with Mike perchance?
April Collage