Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Fever

One time my boyfriend was picking me up from work in September. When I opened the car door Christmas music came blasting out. He proclaimed, "I've got Christmas Fever and I can't shake it!"

And now I know exactly how my boo (no pun intended) feels. Halloween Fever is pulsing through my bones and there's no shaking it. (Though this analogy would be more appropriate if my fever had struck in say...July, but I digress.)

Have I got a costume? HELL NO! Have I got plans? NO WAY! But I've got gd spirit and a bad case of the heebie jeebies, so I'm good.

Check out this amazing Halloween recipe that was featured on TasteSpotting.

It looks so excessive and indulgent and salty and chewy yet surprisingly crunchy. And the colors are just phenom. If I went to a party with these I would definitely be throwing some in my pocket for the ride home.

Another symptom of my Halloween fever is my obsession with www.someecards.com. Well, I'm mostly obsessed with this site because it's vulgar, rude, and I'm an internet addict. But to continue with the Halloween theme, they have some really great e-cards. Check out my faves:

1) I'm sending my kids trick-or-treating to every house in a 10-mile radius since I can no longer afford to feed them

2) I hear you're going as the total dickbag who doesn't dress up

3) I've put more thought into my Halloween costume than into my career

4) You've clearly put no thought into your shitty costume

5) I want to give candy to your children

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