Friday, January 30, 2009

Funk Funk Funk

I'm in an incredible funk today. First off, my back still hurts. (See #20 from my FB "25 Things" aka "The hottest thing to hit the entire internet" below.) Second off, I don't know! If I knew the source of the funk, believe me, I would de-funk it.

Although, I do think that part of my funk can be attributed to this picture that Mike showed me before we went to sleep last night:

I think this picture led to my numerous nightmares, one of which was about this book that had images of dead people in it, but the original copy of this book actually had pieces of dead people glued to the pages and the other books were just copies of this original. Like they literally took this book that was filled with flesh and placed it on a copy machine to make the book images of dead people. So you could imagine how this original book was big, dirty, and could hardly close because it had bits of flesh hanging out of it. And the kicker? Guess who had to catalog this book?!?!?! Yeah, you get the point. My night sucked. And I guess I may have cataloging issues?

Also, I woke up in the middle of the night because of this loud crashing noise from inside my apartment and I cannot figure out what it is, though I'm pretty sure it was just the sound of this crazy static noise that our tv makes because we don't have cable but this crazy contraption set up for receiving basic channels. But at the time, in my delirious half-awake state I thought we were having another earthquake so I was waiting for a sign that the rumbling was going to continue and this certainly didn't put me back to sleep soon.

Whatever, I'm done feeling sorry for myself.

On a positive note, I saw Love Story for the first time and that Ali McGraw is such a charmer. I was inspired and tried to style my hair like hers but it was tough because my bangs are still in this awkward stage and I'm not sure I have the face for it. Not to mention that I had just washed my hair and there wasn't enough grease to complete the look, give me a few hours....oooh and I'm wearing my Mac Film Noir lipstick that I bought for my sister but then took back from her because I love it. So chola-tastic.

"25 Things" from that FB thing going around, aka "The hottest thing to hit the entire internet"

1. When I was in 8th grade my neighbor gave me and my sister a KROQ compilation cd with Jeff Buckley on it and I fell in love. When I met Mike in college it turned out that he had the same exact cd, and I fell in love again.

2. My last name is a combination of my dad's last name and my step-dad's.

3. I go to a lot of concerts, some of the most memorable being Jane's Addiction at the Hollywood Bowl, Madonna's Confessions tour, the New Kids on the Block reunion tour and Badly Drawn Boy always puts on a great show. Ooooh and Beck at the Bowl was nice....and so were the Brazilian Girls at Coachella....

4. I've only had two jobs in my entire life. I just realized this and am scared.

5. In high school I played the flute and xylophone in marching and symphonic band. The best band trip was when the color guard girls ran away, I think they took off to a Quinceanera, and while the cops and band teacher were trying to hunt them down, we blasted the radio and had a dance on the bus and didn't get home until 2 or 3am.

6. In second grade my teacher had us draw a picture of our favorite foods and posted them up on the wall. I drew biscuits and gravy.

7. My grandparents' names are Apolinar, Guadalupe and Virgina. Mike also has a grandma named Virginia. We love our grandparents very much.

8. Massages should be included in Universal Health Care. Not as a luxury, but because massages have true health benefits.

9. I wish LA had B95.

10. The Central Valley is hot, literally and figuratively. I'm glad I can call it home.

11. Two years ago I got my driver's license and I drove by myself on the freeway for the first time this past December. Come se dice....late bloomer?

12. Teachers and Librarians are undervalued and underpaid. Let's work together to change this, yeah?

13. Mike fills every nook and cranny of my heart. He's a hilarious kook! And he let's me be a kook, in fact, her prefers it! He's considerate as all get out and I don't think that that computer brain of his ever relaxes.

14. Netflix and Hulu are my sources for entertainment cuz I don't have cable and haven't for as long as I can remember.

15. Nigel, Annabelle, Cleo, Zoe, Sasha, Bert, Simon, Prince, Tigger is only a partial list of my family's pets' names.

16. One of my most cherished childhood memories is when my mom was mad at us for something and wanted us to stop joking around while eating dinner, so my brother washed his face with his soup to make me and my sister laugh so we would get in trouble.

17. It's really hard for me to not call my two younger sisters my baby sisters, even though they are in high school. I love those damn cuties!

18. While we're on the topic of siblings, mine are named Jacquelyn, Joaquin, Juliana, and Julissa. I'm the only one whose name doesn't start with a “J”, what the heck?

19. That reminds me, one time someone said to me, “What do you call a Mexican walking down the street? Joaquin!” and I said straight faced, “That's my dad's name.”

20. I found this youtube video of a Britney Spears video slowed down, so that you can learn the choreography. Today I pulled a muscle in my neck because of it. Always warm up the neck people, always warm up the neck.

21. In college we thought that someone broke into our apartment so we called 911. It turned out the door knob was broken and the wind had blown the door open so we called 911 back and said, “Um, we'd like to cancel that order” as if 911 is pizza.

22. I almost died from “Valley Fever” when I was three or four and my parents were attending grief counseling sessions for parents who have lost a child.

23. I like to copy everything my big sister does because it's ok for a little sister to copy their big sister and she's, in the words of Mrs. Turner, “simply the best”.

24. I think I'm getting old because Giant Drag, M83 and Arcade Fire are the only bands that have excited me in the past four years or so.

25. I'm so glad that Jacq and Phil moved to LA even though I was a total brat and told my sister that if she moved here I wasn't going to hang out with her all the time. I love them and am sorry for being mean. And I hope that they'll let me forever hang out with them cuz they're fun, now “GO TO BED”!

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...what do you call two mexicans playing basketball? juan on juan. i miss you! -Luna