Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's been so long

I haven't posted since early December. I think it's because I'm on break and quite frankly, I'm home a lot, I'm poor, and I have nothing to procrastinate. Not that I'm complaining, all of the above is pretty close to my idea of happiness, even the being poor part. I'm enjoying the simplicity of having enough money to live but not much beyond that.

Well, let's get to it.

NKOTB Concert

It's so hard to put the joy into words. The concert was basically beyond amazing. They brought back all of their amazing hits, demonstrated that their new songs are just as good as their old, and performed for nearly three hours. It was intense. My love is just as, if not more, strong. And having my sister there with me made it even better because she was just as tempted as I to rip her head off from sheer feverishness. The picture of me below is disgusting, but I have to post it because it brilliantly depicts the mad state I was in during the concert.

I almost forgot to mention! This concert also featured the celebrity sighting of the century and made me long for Coachella:


Christmas flew past me. I hardly got to see Mike and before I knew it we were taking down our decorations. :( I hope my mom doesn't read this because I have to say, this may have been my last year of tamale making. That shit was way hard. My favorite gift this year was a framed picture of my grandma from when she was a little girl, which I had never seen. She looks adorable in it.

New Year's

Happy New Year! Mike's cousin was kind enough to reserve a table at a bar in Highland Park for us. Lots of fun, but unfortunately, after being sick and traveling and not being home for nearly two weeks, I was exhausted and a complete party pooper.

Here's some goals I'm trying to focus on for the year ahead:

1) Rock spring semester like a hurricane. I did well fall semester, but got such a late start because of my moving chaos, and I just want to be better organized and on top of my game.

2) Get some biblioteca experience. I'm working on this one....must update resume.

3)Listen/dance to more disco.

4) Get back to the gym. Ever since Mike's accident, we've been a little less active. But 2k9 is soooooo our year. We're a super team. I mean, look at him! He's sooooo unstoppable in 2k9!

5) Cherish my days as a student.

6) Use my sewing machine!

7) De-clutter.

8) See more of my city.

9) Spend more time with my heart miguelito.

10) Remember this list.....

Pics below from two Fridays ago: Trip to BCAM/LACMA followed by dinner and karaoke with the Pinsanz.

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Anonymous said...

i think goals are great. i hope you keep them all...i'm going to work on your #9. only with MY miguelito, and i would like to add amelita to the list.