Sunday, January 18, 2009

Say it aint so!

Sigh, it's the last weekend before school starts and I can't say I'm ready to go back. But I will say, I do feel somewhat accomplished about this break because I conquered my fear of freeway driving and now I'm officially a hot child in the city! So far I've gone on three adventures all by me-self: trip to my sister's in S. Oaks, yoga in Samo, and DT as in dowtown (not Del Taco, I always need to clarify that one cuz most of the time I am actually referring to Del Taco, which leads me to a complete tangent....can anyone else believe the fast food deals this recession has created? Between the Jumbo Deal and the Wienerschnitzel's Four for $4, my head has nearly spun around 360 from disgust and excitement. Also disgusting and exciting is the Wienerschnitzel website where you can download these hot ass pictures of a wiener working out and sippin on tea like a fine upstanding lady.....ok, I think it's time to close the parentheses).

My trip to DT (downtown) was phenom. One of my classes has reading due before the first day of class (say whaaaaa) and my estimated delivery date for the book from Amazon was ridiculous....basically it could show up anywhere between now and 2010, ok I exaggerate, but the point is....I couldn't sit around and wait for the book to show up. Of course the book was located in only one gd library in LA, and of course that would be the library most difficult for me to travel to: Central Library. But I was up for the challenge, cuz.....I'm a hot child in the city! So to cut to the chase, I made it alive thanks to my many Mustache Monday trips because they helped familiarize me with the area. So yeah, I owe my life to hot gay dancing.

I love Central's just a wee bit confusing because you enter a rotunda and have to figure out which direction you want to turn in, but it's massive and M-azing. My favorite part is the elevator because of it's clever decor: it's wallpapered catalog cards covered with glass (see the elevator below and also see my Gimp skillz, this stupid image took me way too long to create and may be the last time you ever get to see me attempt a computer image art piece, so baaaad and not to the bone).

And the brilliance of this amazing trip was that I owed $20 in library fines and when I finally made it through traffic and got book was delivered.

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