Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can I have s'more sir?

Luna Park Bloom

This blog has slowly become what Natalie wore and what she ate.

Original? Amusing? No.
The things that get me out of bed? Yes.

Luna Park Test 1

Last night Mike and I went to Luna Park where I ordered the mac n cheese and he got a cheeseburger. We followed it up with the smores. Oh, and we had an artichoke appetizer. And I had an alcoholic beverage.

The waitress made a comment about how much we ate....eek. And I woke up starving, but that's nothin new.

Luna Park Mike Bloom

Check out Mike and our smores (pre-attack)!

Today we're gonna hit up the CC Art Walk, a bday party, and I would love to make some pancakes and watch one of my netflix movies: My Own Private Idaho or Punish Me. Weekends....I'm telling you, that's where it's at.

Luna Park Collage

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m33k said...

Your blog beats mine. That means I'm not doing things that I desire. Keep up the interesting posts though. Your blog is art-imistic (artfully optimistic)