Sunday, May 31, 2009


Grandpa & Us

Here's an old shot of my sister, brother, and I with our grandpa taken on the day of my sister's 8th grade graduation. So hot.

Let's take a moment to examine this in detail shall we?

First, look at my adorable gramps. I believe we had just woken him up! Such a cutie, he would always rub his hands together as if he were warming them up to spank us and then when we got near, would draw his hand back as if he were on the verge of said spank and shout "andale!" We loved it and would run away partly scared, mostly laughing.

Next we'll turn our attention to my sister. Let's start with that dress. Now, I, like most people, am annoyed with today's over usage of the word "fierce", but I'm not sure there is another word to describe this dress. And the fact that she wore a white mini to her 8th grade graduation? Again, fierce. You go you hot 8th grader you! And her hair? Much love for the spiral curling iron. So much love.

Let's move on. Move on to different hair. My brother's to be specific.

This kid is sporting a bowl cut that rivals that of Lloyd Christmas. This haircut was a never ending supply of ammunition for me growing up. Anytime my brother and I got into an argument, I quickly reminded him of his bowl cut.

And let me point out the hot pink stripe running around the collar of the teal shirt. This is why I can never get rid of clothes. Too many items become gems in five to ten years! A fact that my sister and I have been well aware of since, oh...birth. To this day we're hunting down a pair of shorts that we owned in fifth grade and were smart enough to hang onto. I'm not entirely convinced that she hasn't already found them and is hiding them from me.....

Next, let's look at my bangs. If you can even call them that! I think they start at the base of my neck. Starting "bangs" that far back on one's head is just not a good look for anyone. And when one is wearing that much" bang", it isn't necessary to curl and tease them. Mom.

And to end with the best part of this pic, let's take a look at the tans. Do tans more beautiful than this exist? These are "been playing hide-n-go-seek every weekend for the entire summer without even a drop of spf" tans. *Sigh* They just don't make 'em like they used to.

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