Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'll Be Your Freak-a-zoid, Come On and Wind Me Up

Another picture post because I'm too tired to write. School's out (forever) next week! Then my supertramps come to LA! But before then I will be drinking copious amounts of coffee and going slightly cuckoo from sleep deprivation.....

OC Super (Duper) Fair.

It's a land far far away, where the clouds rain corn dogs and the puddles are made of cotton candy.

We showed up very late and nearly missed Tears for Fears, but did get to see them perform Shout and Woman in Chains. So amazing.

{Is it me or are they severely underrated?}

OC Fair 8

OC Fair 7

OC Fair 6

OC Fair 2

OC Fair 4

OCFair 3

OC Fair 5

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