Sunday, February 7, 2010

You Make Everythang, Groovay

The OTKs have arrived people! Sure I'm late in the game, but give me a break, it's never too late for Oh Tee Kayzzzzzzz! Thank you mother for an ab fab xmas gift.

This was my first time sporting them. It took me forever to get around to buying suede protector and then it was raining like cray-zay so I couldn't take them outside to apply the suede protector...and blah blah blah.

Mike and I went to relax and read at a coffee shop and we stumbled across this awesome Where the Wild Things Are mural. Still haven't seen the flick....will have to rent on vid. But the soundtrack is too cute. Oh that Karen O!




(Look at my cutie bones jones reading the paper! He's so darn cute, hee hee hee!)

Coffee Shoppers

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