Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Always blend...

I was watching an old episode of Sex and the City, "The Real Me", which featured Kevyn Aucoin as himself doing Carrie's makeup for NY Fashion Week. I suddenly got really down. Can't believe it's been eight years since he passed away. Tori Amos and he were close friends. This song is for him, so I put it on and plummeted further into my melancholy hole.

I think what made me most sad was thinking about the kind spirit Kevyn had. He truly believed that there was beauty inside everyone. Finding beauty within one's self came first, makeup was secondary and a mere tool to highlight that inner beauty. He had this magical ability to identify the strong parts of a woman, and to extract them for the world to see. Making Faces and Face Forward were instrumental to the development of my identity as a young lass. Memories of learning how to put on a pretty face with my sister brings pure joy to my little corazon. (Though, her makeup skills undoubtedly surpassed mine.) His philosophy on beauty was such an inspiration to me during those formative angsty years, so much so that I have to be honest and admit my fortunate escape from middle school malaise.

Thank you for that Kevyn.

Just another light missing...

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