Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get my caboodle, two scrunchies, and a banana clip

(I wrote this on Thursday and never posted....)

My day has consisted of waking up late with a headache, going on an adventure to get my hands on some tamales, a trip to get some ice blended coffee and finally a return to my apartment where I proceeded to close the blinds as to not be reminded that it's daylight outside and most people are experiencing this daylight because they have lives, and then cuddling up in a blanket on the couch as I eat, browse the net and listen to the news in the background.

Damn, I was feeling unaccomplished but on second thought....I pretty much had a perfect day (minus the headache).

Ooooh, and I finally signed up for Hulu so I can watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as recommended by my fellow supertramp and catch up on Kath and Kim (selma cracks me up).

Anyhow, tomorrow's Halloween so I have got to get a costume together....what to do, what to do?

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