Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Icy, So Cool

So much for writing one post and getting to that paper......

When I went to close my YouTube window with the crazy laughing doll I had the most brilliant idea: Do they have a commercial for Sea Wees? They must! And I must find it!

And what do you know, sure as a seagull gets web toed, I found it (what up Marky Maaaaaark, that was a throwback to you baby).

Me and my sister LOVED these mermaids. Frosty blue luscious locks? Ab-fabulous. And don't even get me started on Sweet Secrets. I had this comb. Don't be jealous. Be very jealous.

And I'm pretty sure my momma should be locked up for letting me whore it out with these unknown chemicals when I was still in the single digits.

Sigh....I wish I could be in a bubble bath playing with my icygal right now.

There's always tomorrow.....

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