Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's face it....

We all love Unicorns.

So here's a list of Unicorn things you can do:

1) Go out and rent "Legend" so you can see Tom Cruise apologize to a Unicorn.

2) Search Google images for "Unicorn Tattoos".

3) Read the Ten Reasons It Would Rule To Date A Unicorn.

4) Listen to Giant Drag's album, "Hearts and Unicorns".

5) Rent "The Last Unicorn" featuring Mia Farrow.

6) Watch episodes of Planet Unicorn.

7) Visit this site to print "Unicorn Fantasy Coloring Pages".

8) Join the Unicorn Kingdom Club.

9) Ask yourself what NPH would do.

10) Visit wikiHow and follow the instructions for making a Unicorn pop-up card.

1 comment:

Mike McG said...

Is there anywhere you can actually *ride* a unicorn yet? Or see one up close?? I'll keep searching, I hope you do too.