Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your one and only pleasure

Baby take a seat, Britney's new album, Circus, leaked yesterday and here's my official review:

Best Album of the Century

OK, I lie, but it's amazing nonetheless. Here's my breakdown:

1. Womanizer - You've all heard it, so I won't bother.

2. Circus - Any song that mentions a whip has my vote, but let's give it up to Britney, the circus is such a phenomenal album theme. I'm already imagining a hot ass circus ring for her tour. (Let's ignore the fact that Xtina already did a circus theme. Besides, I trust that Britney will take it to a whole new level complete with tacky outfits.)

3. Out from Under - Slow, and I usually don't do "Slow Britney" with the exception of "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" because it hits home. But I actually really like this song because she had a meltdown, and it's simply easier to listen to slow, sad Britney post-meltdown.

4. Kill the Lights - Woah, I totally stopped writing this to get up and DANCE.

5. Shattered Glass - Another sad song, but this time with a beat! This is one of those, "In your face, you're gonna be sorry and live your life regretting what you did to me so boooya" kind of songs.

6. If U Seek Amy - Probably the best song on the album (though this is battling it out with Lace and Leather). This one is gonna be talked about for sure. Basically the chorus is, "Love me, hate me, say what you want about me, but all the boys and all the girls are begging to If you seek Amy". Say it out loud and you'll see why this is gonna generate controversy and major airplay (I hope).

7. Unusual You - I love songs with crescendos, and this song has 'em.

8. Blur - Another medium tempo song about her meltdown. Sad, sad, sad. Basically she's talking about not remembering what she did last night. OK, maybe it's not about her meltdown, but I can't help but read into it. I mean, this girl reeeeeeally MELTED it down.

9. Mmm Papi - Cute swingy intro, reminds me of all those "I wanna be a retro and ironic singer" songstresses like Duffy and Amy Winehouse, but quickly transitions into pop. And she says "papi" so you can't help but like it.

10. Mannequin - This one hasn't grown on me, but I'm bound to love anything named after an Andrew McCarthy flick.

11. Lace and Leather - Ladies and gentlemen, this song signals the return of our beloved "brit brit". The strong bass evokes Gwen's "Fluorescent" and many others from "Sweet Escape". Her Apollonia-like lyrics are remarkable, "Fantasy courtesy of me, watch me apply the pressure, all decked in lace and leather". With its strong Vanity 6 feel and hints of Prince electric guitar, this is my favorite song on the album (like I said, battling for first with If U Seek Amy).

12. My Baby - Slow and simply not for me.

13. Rock Me In - I like it. I need to listen to it more to really "feel" it.

14. Amnesia - Rock-ish with a mix of old Britney a la her album "Oops!....I Did It Again". Cute.

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Mike McG said...

You spoiled the whole thing for me. I'm not gonna listen to it now.

Hehe, jk, thanks for the p/review.