Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Animals

Mahal & I

Nothin' like a quick pose in front of a Corona display.

Zoo Collage

I love this skirt, it reminds me of one of the first dates Mike and I went on. He had never tried pupusas (which seems insane, given the amount we've since consumed) so we found a sweet little restaurant that served the ensalada drink (!) and was quaint as all get out. When the jukebox started playing the spanish-recorded ABBA cd, I knew fate brought us together.

On our way home I had a near panic attack when I spotted a store with a rack out on the sidewalk, chock-full of vintage clothes. Without a second thought, Mike pulled over, "Let's go!"

The day was spontaneous, sunny, and full of tingly "I'm crushin' hard" feelings.

This animal adorned skirt is one of the gems I picked out that day. I cherish it not only for it's kitschiness, but also because of the Michael memories associated with it.

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Road Runner said...

this outfit is amazeballs!