Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Versace 1


Versace 2

Versace 4


I'm ready-to-wear this stuff. While I'm digging the trendy new look for Autumn (read: black), I'm also pri-tty darn close to be being burned out on it. It's everywhere! You simply can't escape the black/studs/fringe/Balmain shoulders/creepers/combats/leather/lace/shredded jeans. Bahumbug.

Don't get me wrong, I fully support the grunge comeback and I'm rockin' it too, but it hasn't even gotten cold enough to really play up these layers, and they've massively permeated every blog/store/magazine for months. OK, I'll stop complaining - it's just that while I appreciate the always chic black look, it's easy to do so it seems like everyone is doing it. Aaaaaaaand I'm done.

My point is, the color in this collection was a welcoming sight.

Love the shoes - especially the ankle boot. The tan color gives the false appearance of a slingback, and then they hit you with the unexpected pink accents and that retro platform, mmmmm I could eat them.

And that dress? Nearly melted my eyes.

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